AWT, la gestion des déchets organiques

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Management of Organic Waste

Who are us ?

AWT SARL is an independent company based in Gières (Isère, France), created in 1996 and is a subsidiary of RECYVAL SAS, a Grenoble-based engineering company specialized in organic waste management.

AWT is active in France and in the French overseas territories.

AWT disposes of patents deposed by RECYVAL and their commercial representation.

SURJOUX COMPOST is a subsidary of AWT.



AWT intervenes in the following fields :

  • Sale of equipment and processes applicable to organic waste management especially in the composting field.
  • Composting organic waste exploitations management (green-waste, mud, stockbreeding and food-industry waste) owned or not by the territorial communities (Local authority community ICTOM, SIVU,…).
  • Fabrication and commercial distribution of organic amendements developped from normalized or labelized composts or guaranted flow  from  not normalized compost during spreading plan.

In order to guarantee a flow and agronomical reemployment of the totality of composts obtained in  agricultural applications, AWT has engaged on a certification obtention approach:
  • for it's exploitation sites,
  • for it's composting production (mud, green-waste).
This approach has resulted in the labelisation of it's green-waste composting production (European Ecological Ecolabel) via Afnor Certification under the registred trademark EMANSOL ®.

The mud composting production has follwed in view of obtaining it's conformity with the  NF U 44095.




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